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School Student & Writer

teenager life chapter- love

Books by Lakshya Saraff

This book is a piece of a never-ending one-way journey called life. In life, we need this special someone to always return to. That's love. The theme of the book. To be honest I had never thought of writing a book. This is nowhere near a book as it is so a short story would be the perfect explanation for what this is.

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Teenager Life

Books by Lakshya Saraff

This book is just a part of the upcoming series of the emotions a teenager goes through. this is about a grade 10 student in India who falls in love twice once when it was back in the 8th grade and then in the 10th grade.

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What is Love according to me?

By NightLighter31 in Romance | Reads: 479 | Likes: 4

you might be thinking I will tell you a story, but today I'll tell you a truth you might have never been told. Love is not just a word. It is poetry in itself. How do you know you're in Love? You don't have to know about it, Your heart tells it to you when you don't understand the sleepless nights j  Read More...

Published on Jun 17,2022 01:53 PM

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