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Kid With Dreams
Kid With Dreams

A young author, Vaibhav Nalawade, presents his debut poetry collection, "Echoes of the Broken." This book is a raw and emotional journey through the struggles of love, heartbreak and the healing process. Vaibhav's writing is honest and relatable, capturing the essence of human emotions in a way that is both poignant and powerful. He is a computer engineer by profession but writing is his passion. With his Instagram handle vaibhavnalawade7, Vaibhav shares his thought-provoking poetry with the world. This book is dedicated to all the loved ones who have left an indelible mark on his heart. With Read More...


Echoes of the Broken

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"Echoes of the Broken" is a powerful collection of poetry that delves into the depths of heartbreak and healing. The author takes the reader on a journey of love, loss, and longing through raw and emotional verse. The dedication, "to my loved ones even they or don't", sets the tone for the book, which explores the complexities of relationships and the emotions that come with them. With the subtitle "in your memories I write poetry but I never send it", this bo

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Books by Vaibhav Nalawade

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दिल की दास्तान

Books by नेहा प्रियादर्शिनी

आप निश्चित रूप से मेरी सभी कविताओं को पढ़ना पसंद करेंगे और मुझे आशा है कि आप इसे पसंद करेंगे।

किताबों की कविताएं मेरे दिल की कविताएं हैं।

कविताएँ हिंग्लिश में लिखी जाती है

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Her Good Bye

By Vaibhav Nalawade in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 1,710 | Likes: 3

... And She Hugged Me Tightly Get Closer To My Ear And Told Me Don't Message Or Call. I Will Connect With You When I Was Feel Free To Talk With You And Finally She Said Good-Bye. I Was Looking Her Still She Disappeared From My Eyes. I Was Fell Into A Trance, What She Said I Got Too Many Questions Sh  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 06:04 PM

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