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The Scent of Paper

Books by A. S. Deeksha

modern english poetry. a book of poetry on friendship, life, loneliness, the moon, the universe and more.

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Books by A. S. Deeksha

Sixteen year old Iris developed a game to get an excuse for her future career, when all she wanted was to be a gamer. 

A harmless game that ended up corrupted after a seemingly simple test game. 

A few weeks later she disappeared without a trace.

Two years have passed and the game is still running. With no rules. But with real people’s lives at stake.

Seven boys with fairly different backgrounds stumble upon this

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By A.S.DEEKSHA in Horror | Reads: 1,179 | Likes: 0

The moon was shining bright and the weather was clear. It was night time but there still was a noise of vehicles all around on the roads. People could be seen chattering and enjoying their nightly walk. After reading a lot of horror stories on the internet she finally drifted off to sleep. She saw   Read More...

Published on Jun 11,2022 04:39 PM

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