Dhananjay Narayan

Student, Programmer, Youtuber & writer
Student, Programmer, Youtuber & writer


My Literary Nuggets

Books by Dhananjay Narayan

This book has variety of stories including drama and a poem from fiction to non-fiction. It is for children and young adults.

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My Teacher & I

Books by Dhananjay Narayan

This book is about a student and a teacher who do a lot of things and also always learn something new and they do fun and enjoy studying, learning and doing activities with each other. They never get bored by new stuffs.

And the author is trying to tell that how he felt studying with his tutor.

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The secret of Bermuda Triangle

By Dhananjay Narayan in Adventure | Reads: 2,145 | Likes: 2

I have heard a lot of rumors about Bermuda Triangle but today I am going to check it out and I am on a ship as a captain and heading straight to Bermuda Triangle and as we were reaching Bermuda Triangle, I was enjoying the view of beautiful ocean and the horizon could also been seen and I swear that  Read More...

Published on Oct 5,2022 07:59 PM

Digital Idiot

By Dhananjay Narayan in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 1,733 | Likes: 0

Day 1, Scene 1 Mother : Why are you always busy on your mobile phone Steven? What do you do in it? Steven : Just checking! How many subscribers I got. Mother : But you are busy at your phone from morning. Steven : Just 2 minutes Mom! Mother : Enough is enough! Steven : Mother, The internet was not t  Read More...

Published on Oct 1,2022 12:02 PM

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