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Abhipsa Parida



Books by Abhipsa Parida

A beautiful guide to develop social skills in children in a fun way! 

Developing appropraite social skills plays a vital role for kids to succeed in school & life in general. With over a 100 fun games, this book will help you to teach your children important socialization skills like- taking turns, making eye contact during conversation, responding to name call, helping others, important life skills like- leadership, problem s

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Being Joyful with Autism

Books by Abhipsa Parida

This remarkable book is intended to inspire people to find more joy & more ease everyday despite any situation/condition.

Written by a pediatric occupational therapist especially in view of children with special needs, this book is filled with a number of real-life stories & examples from her experience of working with children with special needs.
Using a combination of several Fun Activities, & Practical Techniques, this book will unravel many of

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Little changes - The Inspiring Journey of a mom

By Abhipsa Parida in Life Journey | Reads: 2,189 | Likes: 6

Raani & her husband were shocked when they heard their little Adyaan was diagnosed with Autism. They sat in the hospital in absolute despair & disbelief! “Why me?”, “Why us?”, Raani was feeling devastated. The doctor counselled them. He advised –start taking the  Read More...

Published on Jun 27,2022 11:04 PM

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