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Aerospace Engineer and Author (this file is in Process)
Aerospace Engineer and Author (this file is in Process)

Myself Dev and I am an aerospace Engineer. This much introduction is more than enough for now. If my inaugural book "The Strange Eye" brings curiosity to know me further in your mind then I will be surely describing things in detail about me.  We do come across books on almost every topic but the book that brings in perspective which we were not aware of is special. I hope my book will bring in perspective or thought that you might be missing. Read More...


The Strange Eye

Books by Dev Prakash Mishra

The Strange Eye is a sci-fi suspense thriller story based on the experience of a theoretical Physicist Dave Rickoye, A story where you will witness how a physicist tries to solve a riddle about time and it's true nature.A riddle which everyone knows but none has solved it.This story will help you to build a new perspective about time and life also allows you to start seeing thing around us differently.Just tighten your seatbelt and let's begin this journey of

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What did a little girl teach me?

By Dev Prakash Mishra in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 1,994 | Likes: 6

When I look at the night sky, it feels like looking inside my mind where millions of stars are like neurons of my thought created in my mind, only a few are bright enough for me to consider them. One morning after a night sky diving session, as I woke up and took a small walk across my balcony, I s  Read More...

Published on Jun 15,2022 08:46 AM

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