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BEYOND THE THIRD EYE; Navigating self to mahadev


" Beyond   The  Third  Eye ;  navigating   self   to   Mahadev"   is  a book  written   by  sarna   pujara   which   describes   her   journey    towards  the  connection   .  This   book   describes   on   embarking   on  a  sou

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Tragic life;

Books by Sarna Pujara

Tragic life is a  book written by  Sarna pujara which describes tragedy based on the act of drama in our daily lives. This book aims at describing the true meaning of our life.   it is the drama of a serious and dignified character that typically described the development of a  conflict between destiny or circumstance that reaches a  sorrowful conclusion. The tragedy is a  genre based on a drama of human suffering that are te

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