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Sweet Words Of Heart

Books by Aysha Shamsudheen

‘"Words from the Heart" is a beautiful anthology of poems about love by various authors, offering a range of perspectives on this powerful emotion. From the joy of new love to the pain of heartbreak, these poems capture the beauty and complexity of love, and are sure to resonate with readers who have experienced its ups and downs.

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The Sunbeam And The Moonchild

Books by Lakshmi Chandana O

The Sunbeam and the Moonchild' as the name says contains poetry, articles, and short stories with themes spanning under the sun and the moon. The book features 25 Co-authors across India and we hope that we will bring some sunshine and moonlight into the lives of the readers

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A Note To My 'You'

Books by Rubab Syed

A Note to My ‘YOU’ is an anthology compiled by Rubab Syed. A total of 25 amazing writers and compilers have penned their beautiful thoughts in the form of poems and prose in English. This book is a blend of works by writers from around the world. This book is written to spread the fragrance of Healing and Self-love.

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Dear Daddy

Books by Charmila Sanjeev

Charmila Sanjeev, the loving kid of her daddy who is crushed by his absence had penned down her heart out to show her deep gratitude and love for her daddy.

This book contains 28 poetries that have purely come from her heart and penned down in the book in remembrance of her beloved father.

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18 Poems To Transform You Into A Leader

Books by Tanya Lohia

This book is a collection of 18 powerful poems to make you a leader out of an ordinary human being like 'When you study', 'When you have to decide', The power of confetti', etc.

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Women Prospers

Books by Charmila Sanjeev

This book is a blend of my soulful thoughts that my hand scribbled on with a sense of enlightenment. All the illustrations are the reflections of my thoughts that says empower women to power the nation. Dedicating to my beloved women whom I want to thank and appreciate for their excellence with my art and words. 

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The Three A’s

Books by Icha

Icha was always fond of the murder mystery genre. She always used to watch shows, movies, and plays in the same genre.

Three high school students find that it was not an accident but intentional murder and decides to go to the root of it to find the criminal and the reason behind it

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Reflections Reborn

Books by Charmila Sanjeev

This book is a blend of emotional thoughts that physically and mentally entangled me these years. Well, I believe that the word you write or compose will be a memory of hope for you years later when you turn them. These verses are an expression of the timely emotions you go through in your personal life.

Thank you All!

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कहीं धूप तो कहीं छांव

Books by संगीता कुमारी

कहीं धूप तो कहीं छांव ऐसी ही अनोखी हिन्दी कविताओं की एक किताब है। जिसमे ज़िंदगी के लम्हों को बड़े प्यार से संजोया गया है और अपने एहसास, दिल के जज्बातों को इन कोरे कागज़ पर उतारा गय

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She Found Herself

Books by Sana Tahir

This book aims to remind the women who they are and how they should face the obstacles in life. It enforces the readers to take back all that their fears and doubts have stolen from them. It inspires the timid girls to be the plucky women that they always dreamt to be.

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Edifices Of Love

Books by Mahtab Jabeen

About the book: Love... The most beautiful emotion felt, the sensation that brings out the beauty of every soul, feeds the hunger of every heart. When in love it's all floral feelings but with it too, comes the subdued thorns hidden among the piles of beautiful comforts. Edifices... the complex belief system of love, in a while; love brings about the closest proximity but immediately in a different instance it takes away miles apart beneath which some complica

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Books by Sangeeta Kumari

Narcissus means beauty of love or coming from the Flower.

Narcissus flower symbolizes good wishes,well fortune, success,wealth,

prosperity, beauty of love,achievement etc.We like to achieve all our 

dreams in life as we are too focused on our goals.We believe in true 

love we are loyal in love.family is an important part in our life.

From this book, you can get all the feelings and connect to the lots of <

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काव्य- कुसुम

Books by डॉ. राम शरण सेठ

काव्य संग्रह के बारे में आचार्य रामचंद्र शुक्ल जी का कथन "साहित्य समाज का  दर्पण होता है, कहीं न कहीं सत्य चरितार्थ होता है और यह आपको देखने को पूरे काव्य संग्रह में मिलेगी 

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The Violet

Books by Sangeeta Kumari

The Violet means,Violet is the flower name, which color is Violet and also we can say that Violet Flower meanings include enjoying life, innocence, everlasting love, modesty, spiritual wisdom, faithfulness, mysticism, remembrance, etc. From this book, you can get all the feelings and connect to lots of emotions. This book contains prose and poems works for that are closely related to the heart of every individual.

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Dil Da Ni Mada

Books by Ananyaa

The book 'Dil Da Ni Mada' takes readers on an emotional and inspiring journey of slain Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala through some finest collection of poems, letters and micro tales in Hindi, English and Punjabi languages. It is a heartfelt attempt by the singer's fans and admirers to immortalise him through his favourite medium - pen and words. While every attempt has been made to make sure the book is error free, there's always a scope for improvement.

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Books by Aniketa Singh

Emotions is an anthology compiled by Aniketa Singh. A total of 25 amazing writers along with the compiler have penned their beautiful thoughts in the form of poetry and quotes in English and Hindi language. This book is just a disclaimer about love. I am grateful to A. R. Publication for giving me this wonderful opportunity to compile an anthology. I am thankful to all the co-authors involved in this anthology.

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A Letter To My Teacher

Books by Sangeeta Kumari

A LETTER TO MY TEACHER is a unique and sweet memorable anthology, in which we can say that writers wrote a letter as a thank-you note to the best teacher from their own side who never forgot her teacher.
From this book, you can get all the feelings and connect to lots of emotions.

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BTS, My Mikrokosmos

Books by Vinathi Kamuni & Hemalata Madiraju

This book is compilation of gratitude expressed by writers through their writings for BTS, who inspired them to accept and love themselves. BTS is a legendary boy band from South Korea who advocate self-love and acceptance through their music and songs. The septet is a youth icon and a treasure for their country and their lives are perfect examples of rags to riches stories..

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Love - The Hidden Emotions

Books by Muralidhar Agrawal

This book is compiled with the self-motivation of the writer in fictional love.  It includes the feelings of the writers in the fictional world. This book is assumed to have a better response and have a great success 

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The Judgment

Books by Pooja Shekhar & Mithi Kumari

The Judgment is an anthology of multiple writers, poets, and authors consisting of their amazing and wonderful works about the world, their lives, and experiences. Pouring out to the world words that never fail to justify.

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Books by Charmila Yerra

MIRAGE is an anthology that is quilled emotions of themselves, illusions, and facets of one's life and heart are described in poetry and article formats. The best person in describing ourselves is ourselves. This book is a blend of soulful words penned down describing the beautiful thoughts from all over the world touching every heart.

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Connection Of Heart And Mind

Books by Sukanya Mondal

n these days the connection of heart  and mind is very rare like for e.g you are thinking something or you are sad but still you are smiling and someone catches that hidden pain behind your fake smile .. 
Just because you have a connection from heart n mind with them or a connection of souls with that person ..

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Who Else Without You

Books by Basudev Goyal & Mangilal Barupal

"Who else without you" is a book that describes that person or anyone in our life who is one for us. In our whole life a special one who is very close to us and always with us. 
So this book will be connected with you is our hope. 
All the co-authors express their feeling for someone special, who else without him for them.

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Waves Of Life

Books by Sangeeta Kumari

"Waves Of Life" is the collection of happiness, struggle,lots of emotions,and thoughts that are penned in the form of poetry,short stories and open letter.Life is always full of surprises as like sacrifice,happy,etc. Waves will try to knock you down and push you back.

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Books by डॉ. राम शरण सेठ

प्रस्तुत काव्य संग्रह शब्दों के विशाल आकाश में हम और आप निरंतर प्रगति के पथ पर आगे बढ़ते रहते हैं और चाहे अनचाहे रूप में शब्दों के द्वारा हम सब अपने सामाजिक और सांस्कृतिक जीवन मे

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Books by Hemalata Madiraju

This book is a blend of beautiful written pieces by amazing writers from all over the world. This book is an attempt to spread positive vibes among the readers in the same way as a dreamcatcher which filters out negative vibes and catches positivity, wherever it is put up. The anthology is a book of expression of writers' thoughts in a positive manner, written down on paper with an intent of creating a positive impact on readers.

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Books by Vimala Thanggavilo

Beyond Vision is the book of co-authors displaying their thought in poems and quotes. Readers will get excited by reading it as every word expressed or penned is from every angle of likes and interest to cater to all categories of readers Internationally. There will be love, fantasy, emotions, dreams, etc. Hope everyone will be delighted with the Beyond Vision anthology. 

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Life Out Of Choice

By AR Publications in Humour | Reads: 753 | Likes: 0

             Life Out Of Choice                       -Story of a middle class boy  A boy from a village who was so naughty and fierce grew up doing all messy with friends and family. He was  Read More...

Published on Oct 13,2022 04:05 PM

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