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Embark on a captivating journey through the pages of "Kingdom," a tale that unfolds within the realms of Dev Prast and Anand Nagar, two kingdoms the heart of this Atenchanting narrative are Princess Shivangi and Prince Raghuveer—a story of sacrifice, and the unyielding spirit that defies the constraints of political strife.

In the Kingdom of Roses,  Princess Shivangi of Anand Nagar becomes a beacon of hope. She infiltrates the heart of Dev P

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Angel's Magic

Books by Dibya Burman

In "Angel's Magic," embark on a captivating journey with Sona, a young woman yearning to fulfill her dreams of becoming a successful author. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself holding a winning lottery ticket to the mysterious Blue Island, also known as Angel's Land.

Legends and stories surrounding Blue Island have circulated for centuries, claiming that angels once resided there and bestowed blessings upon kind-hearted i

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a girl from past

Books by Dibya Burman

This story is about a seventeen-year-old girl named Ishika who mysteriously traveled twelve years to the future from a tunnel but to her surprise things were different from her expectations as she used to see herself in the future. She explores many things related to her future self when she is unable to find herself there which leads her to a different direction and unexpected mysteries are unlocked.

Join Ishika's advantages journey to explore the mys

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kingdom of roses

By Dibya Burman in Historical | Reads: 4,586 | Likes: 47

Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom mainly  known for two things first the beautiful variety of roses grown there second the evil king of the kingdom named Ambareesh which was the ugly truth. People say the kingdom is curse with roses. There was on more beautiful kingdom which was bl  Read More...

Published on Jun 18,2022 07:33 PM

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