D Suiam

Budding writer who enjoy traveling and coffee hopping.
Budding writer who enjoy traveling and coffee hopping.

D Suiam was Born during the winter of 1999 and raised in Jaintia hills, Meghalaya until he completed his junior high school. As a boy in his early childhood, the poet finds it difficult to figure out why he is so-called different from other boys when all he was doing was being himself. He spent most of his time in the school library, reading and writing since 9th grade. The author also loves travelling around places and coffee hopping. D Suiam is a published writer on social welfare, the LGBT+ community and the literature community.Read More...


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Midnight Hustle

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Midnight hustle is a struggle that turns into this beauti art called poetry from my roommate, who cooks wonderfully, to a Repeated day that made me crazy. For work, I must come out like a bat hunting for food and the struggle that goes along the way but with precaution to follow. I bet they are glad, just like I am, to make it to the day.

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The life that no one taught me

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This collection delves into the intricate tapestry of life's experiences, exploring themes of identity, love, rejection, and hope. Through poignant verses and heartfelt reflections, it navigates the complexities of growing up, facing challenges, and finding resilience. Each poem offers a glimpse into the author's journey, weaving together emotions and insights that resonate with readers on a profound level. From the beauty of nature to the struggles of self-di

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Coffee Paradise

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It was 6 am, and I was supposed to be on the way to the station by now, but here I am still, scrambling with my things in the hotel and that’s the reason I avoid morning journeys because I know it was almost impossible for me to pull it off.  Anxiously I moved to the front office to check  Read More...

Published on Oct 10,2022 12:37 AM

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