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Sourav Kumar Das

My name is Sourav Kumar Das. I am a Self taught Ethical hacker and a professional trader & investor in stock market.
My name is Sourav Kumar Das. I am a Self taught Ethical hacker and a professional trader & investor in stock market.

I am a self-taught Hacker. I am a B.Com graduate and many people think that you can't be a good hacker if you don't study science. This idea is completely wrong for those who think so. For the past ten years I have been working in the cyber security profession. Hacking is my passion. I have loved working with software and to find the loop hole in it since childhood. I will publish more Hacking & Stock market related books in future. Also I work in the stock market as professional trader & investor.  Read More...



Books by Sourav Das

This book is the best book for learning the English alphabet for children aged 1 to 3 years. The book is very nicely presented with pictures of the English alphabet and small letters. So that your kids can get to know the English alphabet very well with various objects.

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ছোট শিশুদের ছড়ার বই

Books by সৌরভ কুমার দাস

এটি ছোট শিশুদের ছড়ার বই । বইটিতে মজার মজার ছড়া আছে যেগুলি আপনি পড়ে শোনালে আপনার ছোট্ট সোনাটি খুব আনন্দ পাবে । এই বইয়ের ছড়াগুলি ৩ মাস থেকে ৪ বছরের শিশুদের জন্য একেবারে আদর্শ ছড়

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Computer Networking

Books by Sourav Das

The main purpose of writing this book is to write as much as students need to know about computer networking to learn hacking. It is impossible to be a skilled Ethical Hacker without proper knowledge of how computer networks work. So for all the students who want to learn ethical hacking from the beginning, this book will help them a lot to build a career on Ethical Hacking.

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Auto Shankar

By Sourav Kumar Das in Crime Thriller | Reads: 3,526 | Likes: 538

Early and individual life  Gowri Shankar, otherwise called 'Auto' Shankar, was an Indian crook, chronic executioner and hoodlum from the territory of Tamil Nadu dynamic in Chennai all through the 1970s and 1980sShankar was born in Kangeyanallur near Vellore. His dad left the family for Odisha.   Read More...

Published on Jun 12,2022 02:12 PM

The Stoneman

By Sourav Kumar Das in Mystery | Reads: 3,749 | Likes: 533

Mumbai of 1980s is threatened by a chronic executioner who savagely kills asphalt occupants in their rest. A suspended cop then, at that point, chooses to step in and lead an examination. The Stoneman is a name given by the famous English-language print media of Calcutta, India to a unidentified chr  Read More...

Published on Jun 11,2022 09:20 PM

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