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Akshat Singh

Writer and Public Speaker
Writer and Public Speaker


When Science Met Fantasy: A collection of stories

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This book is written by Akshat Singh. It consists of various genres like fantasy,horror,sci-fi, thriller and romance. Each story is fictitious and fun. Every story has the potential to touch your heart. These stories can make you feel and think like the characters. The settings  will take you to seven other worlds in each story. You might feel like you are in space or you are stuck in a scary situation. Some stories will make you smile in the end but some

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Kangcherest: The Mountain of Death

By Akshat Singh in Adventure | Reads: 491 | Likes: 0

Vikram, always had wished to climb up the mystic mountain of Kangcherest. He was extremely desperate about making his dream come true. He knew that, this venture was very dangerous despite that he was actually a professional mountain climber as the Kangcherest was also referred to, as the ‘Mou  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 06:52 PM

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