By AMAN in Science Fiction | Reads: 1,933 | Likes: 4

A normal day in earth .... From  east part of the earth some unexpected thing happend people started crying and running from some destroying thing, the news covering all this and suddenly news channels and live camera all were gone and from east direction a mumming sound started loud and then b  Read More...

Published on Jun 11,2022 10:19 PM


By AMAN in Life Journey | Reads: 1,558 | Likes: 0

             Fists word denoted to the power..        Where Gentle word denoted calmness.. Infront of me two person is standing there and both talking about something I didn't hear them clearly . We all are on the top of hill it's like Himalayas  Read More...

Published on Jun 15,2022 07:52 PM

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