सतरंगी फिरकियाँ

By saakshikashyap1111 in Life Journey | Reads: 2,683 | Likes: 5

सतरंगी फिरकियाँ ईंट की बनी पुरानी दीवारों में पड़ी संकरी दरारों के बीच स्वेच्छा से उगी जंगली पत्तियाँ, बीते सवेरे   Read More...

Published on Jun 28,2022 12:13 PM

'Destiny' For A Penny

By saakshikashyap1111 in Children's Literature | Reads: 2,739 | Likes: 16

The afternoon sun shone brightly overhead, through the green leaves of the giant peepal, mocking mercilessly at hopes of the poor peasants. The heavy gust of the local wind, 'Loo' had fastened it's way towards the muddy pathways, producing tiny, spinning cyclones of golden dust. The recurring sound   Read More...

Published on Jun 25,2022 11:55 AM

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