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Drawing and Colouring

Books by Mohan Chandra Uprety

Colouring books provide an opportunity for children to not only colour in but also various other learning benefits. Colouring Book, this gorgeous book contains adorable designs that kids will definitely love. Animals, plants, vehicles, clowns, and more, this book comes with a wide variety of pictures to colour in.

Magic Art makes the learning in the classroom and home fun by teaching the child through activities.In the magic art cute Olaf interacts and

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अँधा प्यार

Books by मोहन चंद्र उप्रेती

यह कहानी एक सच्ची घटना पर आधारित है। एक लड़की एक लड़के से अँधा प्यार करती है और उस पर अपने से भी ज्यादा भरोसा करती है। क्या वह लड़का उस लड़की के प्यार के लायक है? क्या उस लड़की को अपना सच्

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International Phonics

Books by Mohan Chandra Uprety

Magic Art provides the child with the right tools and resources. This book contains activities and materials that help unlock and inspire a child's creativity.

Every child should have opportunities that lead to success during viral developmental moments in their life. So, it inspired me to come up with this concept.

Research strongly emphasizes that students learn better when they form their own thinking. Information can be passed from person t

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Math Activity Workbook

Books by Mohan Chandra Uprety

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Number Tracing Worksheet for Preschoolers

Books by Mohan Chandra Uprety

his Number practice book progressively builds your kids skills starting from number recognition, number writing, number sequence to prepare them for pre-school and kindergarten.

The book contains over 40 pages of tracing activities to help your kids master number writing and fully comprehend the sequence of numbers. With the book’s structured exercises, your kids will be familiarized with the respective pencil guidance by copying the number, then

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सुसाइड या हत्या

By mohan chandra uprety in Crime Thriller | Reads: 2,249 | Likes: 1


Published on Jun 27,2022 03:04 PM

Honest Worker

By mohan chandra uprety in True Story | Reads: 2,103 | Likes: 0

There once lived a man named Mohan in the village of Uttarakhand. Due to poverty, he and his wife Geeta had to work really hard because they couldn't afford food. People mistreated Mohan and Geeta because they were impoverished, despite their pure hearts. Geeta said one day, "Listen, why are people   Read More...

Published on Jun 21,2022 12:57 PM

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