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Once Upon In Time

Books by Devang Dwivedi Divit Dwivedi

COVID-19 is a universal crisis but, for some children, the impact will be lifelong.

Keeping away the negative thoughts, this book brings to the readers how the authors, two children themselves, discovered their hidden talents during this time of crisis. It will suit the interest of not only young readers but also the adults.

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Chocolate Cake

By Dr.Suyog Sindhu in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 11,900 | Likes: 2,765

" Maa...open your mouth...... a little more wider......here goes in  the first piece of chocolate cake especially made for the best  mom in the world. Isn't it yummy? Speak something maa...." Varsha broke down as she gazed at her mother lovingly. The lady in front of her eyes had baked mos  Read More...

Published on Jun 25,2022 01:11 PM

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