Jiya Biswas

Student and Writer
Student and Writer


Galactic Zero Hour

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Three girls who were really close and studying in a high school when there was a sudden stop to it. It turns out that the chairman of the school, who happened to be the head of NASA and the father of one of the friends went missing. Her mother became ill, and the chairman’s daughter didn’t know what to do. Her friends strive to take matters into their own hands and decided to find the whereabouts of the chairman.

They approached Nasa headqu

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A Robotic Settlement on Mars

By Jiya Biswas in Science Fiction | Reads: 879 | Likes: 0

I was the only being on the planet Vermillion. The one and only. I used to say this to myself with great despair as I spent my life alone, canopied by the starlit atmosphere of my world. You may be bewildered by knowing that there is life here on Vermillion, which your species would like to call Mar  Read More...

Published on Oct 9,2022 04:49 PM

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