Akshay Moreshwar Shelke

Engineer, Writer
Engineer, Writer

Auther is an Engineer with a diverse reading choices from J.K. Rowling to Dr. Ambedkar. He attempts to express his views on various issues writing short stories. He loves heritage walks around historical monuments and is always ready to listen myths and legends. He is recently selected as Young India Fellows for Ashoka UniversityRead More...

Zero sum game

By Akshay Moreshwar Shelke in True Story | Reads: 19,599 | Likes: 181

“Coke is for babies, bring us some beer, Sameer”, Ankit mumbled when we were around a table that seemed to be shrinking, our coke bottles and Chilli Paneer plates were finding it increasingly difficult to find space on the table – until Riya suggested that we should   Read More...

Published on Jul 10,2022 08:07 PM

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