What a waste.

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"What will I be remembered for?"

Each one of us ponders this question at least once in our lifetime. It's a question that makes us contemplate every aspect of our lives—a question that makes us scavenge for scraps of something substantial in our mundane existence.

"What a waste" seeks to gather questions, lace them with difficult emotions, and leave them suspended in the reader's head for greater contemplation. Powered with strong sentime

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By dhamejaharshil in Mystery | Reads: 2,936 | Likes: 14

For the people who make mistakes. *Pagebreak*      The kid in the scarlet red sweater looked at his parents for a moment. The father was wearing a black coat with a maroon tie, while the mother was ornamented with beautiful diamond earrings and a floral gown under a sweat  Read More...

Published on Jun 24,2022 10:59 AM

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