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Pradita Kapahi

Lawyer, writer, poet, information junkie
Lawyer, writer, poet, information junkie

I'm a sometimes lawyer, most times information hoarder who lives, breathes and eats words. I write stories and make up silly limericks in my head all the time. Sometimes they are good. The plan is to be an author known for making readers like you feel the full spectrum of human emotions. I'm a work in progress.Read More...


By Pradita Kapahi in Life Journey | Reads: 4,863 | Likes: 39

Her eyes follow the boy's movements closely as he rolls around the ball, hitherto lying discarded in a heap of other castoffs in the shed that used to be the garage. Jealous is too strong a word to use here; there is a modicum of care involved. Wistful fits. She had known a time like that many, many  Read More...

Published on Jun 30,2022 10:44 AM

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