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Sadhika Kapoor

Aspiring Writer, Student and Life-long Learner
Aspiring Writer, Student and Life-long Learner


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Carota Land

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Do you think the carrots in your refrigerator have a story to tell? Can they visit an underwater headquarters, win a football match, sing a heart-melting song - protect Carota Land, their nation? Well, the Cackle family sure can! These bunch of carrots join Agent Chase and become secret agents, all plotting and planning against their enemy - the stinky-evil-yet-adorable-no-good RABBITS!

WARNING: A read only for adventurous and fun-

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By Sadhika Kapoor in Life Journey | Reads: 737 | Likes: 0

Dear Amma (1), I hope you have found your place in heaven with appa (2) and didi (3). I hope you three are living an after-life better than your life. I hope that you have given him a good scolding for all the obstacles and harsh circumstances he has showered upon us. I hope that he won’t repe  Read More...

Published on Jul 9,2022 07:30 PM

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