Divyansh Tiwari

11 year old Author
11 year old Author



Books by Divyansh Tiwari

In this book the Author is trying to express the incidents and the information about a traveller. Hope you all will enjoy.

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Books by Divyansh Tiwari

This book is written by a kid who tried to share his thought and mind by some interesting stories. The book has few fictional characters and upon them the interesting stories are framed.

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By Divyansh Tiwari in Fantasy | Reads: 1,941 | Likes: 3

Once upon a time, there was a small and poor family. There were three members in the family, Father’s name was Ram, mother’s name was Rani, and their son’s name was Raj. The father was only bread earner in the family. He sold wood and the furniture made from it like chairs, tables,  Read More...

Published on Oct 4,2022 10:29 AM

Joy...A gift

By Divyansh Tiwari in Children's Literature | Reads: 2,689 | Likes: 5

Meaning of friends: They are standing with you if you are in problem they keep you happy in tough times. There were 3 friends Rohan his age was 19, Roshan his age was 19 and Farhan. They were the best friends they do everything with each other like they share every homework they also live together.   Read More...

Published on Jul 8,2022 07:35 PM

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