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Here is a second anthology of short stories from Inklinks, women writers of Bangalore.

Door in the Wall is an eclectic collection of short fiction, diverse in plot, style and treatment, but with a common thread: the barriers we erect between ourselves and the world; the walls in our minds and in our hearts. And yet, when the door in the wall sometimes creaks open, streaming the light in, it is time to let ourselves out, or the world in....

What they said of the first anthology, Bhelpuri:

‘It is...a unique collection, for it is not the stories that have come together ...but the writers who did. All of them united by a love of writing...’

(Shashi Deshpande, renowned writer)

‘Writers in high heels and cynical to suit the age...written not with a pen but with a scalpel...’

(Kamala Das, late poet and writer)

‘If anyone asks me what is the common chord coursing through the anthology? I’ll say the positive vibe, the tune of hope and the feel of sun shine, notwithstanding the trials and tribulations that the characters undergo, bringing a pleasureful smile to the readers’ lips at the end.’

(Geetashree Chatterjee,

‘The book has a diverse set of stories-some comical and others contemplative on life. Like the dish of the same name, there is something for everyone.’

(Bangalore Mirror)

‘This collection is something like a hymn of praise, sometime a paean of joy and at other times, requiem of loss…but like a ballad, always with a story to tell.’

(Deccan Herald)

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