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Shattered Starlight

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All the flowers in the world would dress up to catch the wandering eye of a poet. Every star in the boundless night sky would shatter at a poet’s mercy. For once you become a poet’s muse, you are made immortal. Every experience, every feeling, every thought can be translated to words, an idea encapsulated by this collection of poetry.

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A Copse of Trees, A Princess’s Corpse

By Suhani Goyal in Fantasy | Reads: 5,378 | Likes: 7

It’s been 78 hours and 24 minutes since I ran away from the land I’ve been confined to my entire life. The only thing keeping me lucid within the lush canopy of the forest is the thought of a new life, a future away from everything- from everyone that had caged me back in Elletra. To all  Read More...

Published on Oct 5,2022 02:19 PM

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