Shikha Chaudhary



By Shikha Chaudhary in Horror | Reads: 4,916 | Likes: 239

Aditya's POV Aditya: What's wrong, sweetheart? My wife frowns at me over FaceTime. She's surrounded by half-unpacked boxes and she looks so worried and exhausted. Sometimes business trips sucks that too when you can’t help but leave your love and child behind in a new house, new city to e  Read More...

Published on Oct 12,2022 10:53 PM


By Shikha Chaudhary in Romance | Reads: 1,543 | Likes: 46

As the trains zoom past the passengers and the rattling sounds revibrate off the station’s lined shing grey panels, no one hears the gut-wrenching screams of agony and despair coming from the once celestial but now earthbound creature, bound below the Angel Underground Station. But when the tr  Read More...

Published on Oct 9,2022 12:34 PM

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