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A 16-year-old and aspiring author
A 16-year-old and aspiring author

The Humanities Student

By Akilan in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 606 | Likes: 5

The roll was called. Hakim stood up and trudged nervously to the front of his class. His bushy hair ceased moving since the wind had stopped. The exam papers were being distributed, and he did not want his high average to go down this time. Of course, it was true he was one of the class toppers yet   Read More...

Published on Oct 25,2022 11:47 AM

End of the Honourable Peasant

By Akilan in Adventure | Reads: 1,563 | Likes: 3

Amid the dense forest lay the hut occupied by Adachi Kagemori. The hut was surrounded by thickets of trees which had lost all its leaves and flowers due to the autumn. There was a small spring flowing behind the hut to the unknown, and it appeared almost dry. The middle-aged and thin man with dark h  Read More...

Published on Oct 25,2022 11:40 AM

The Tech of the 121st Century

By Akilan in Science Fiction | Reads: 681 | Likes: 4

There was once a scientist named Dr. Andrei, living in the 121st century. He was quite an intellectual, trained in the natural sciences and mathematics of all other sciences and philosophy as well. He was well-read indeed.     The scientist had a daughter named Marsia, who was always   Read More...

Published on Oct 25,2022 11:31 AM

Message from Proxima Centauri

By Akilan in Science Fiction | Reads: 696 | Likes: 4

There was a man with a huge belly seated at a table in the corner of a restaurant. He had grey hair, a medium complexion and displayed a quite bushy moustache. His fingers were fidgeting nervously, and he was swallowing food in massive lumps. He was clearly in anxiety, and his family which had come   Read More...

Published on Oct 25,2022 11:07 AM

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