Brinda. D

Teacher, Author, Editor, Publisher, You Tuber, Founder of CW Magazine
Teacher, Author, Editor, Publisher, You Tuber, Founder of CW Magazine

Brinda. D is a prolific composer of poems and is a well-known poet in the recent times. She is very simple. She is like an open book she is very helpful to all. She has composed more than one thousand poems on various topics of life. She was bon on 14th May 1974 near Kanyakumari. She had her education in Kanyakumari and Nagercoil. Having qualified for a teacher, she started her career as an English Teacher.     She has acquired M.A., M.Phil., and B.Ed., Degrees in English Literature. She also has a Certificate in Teaching of English (CTE) from IGNOU. She has around 25 years of teaching experRead More...


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This book contains collection of poems on various 
topics in all walks of life. The poems bring out the 
hidden inner feelings of a human. Every lesson, 
learnt through experiences, brightens the future 
path. Such wonderful, momental happiness can 
be gained while reading the poems. These poems 
are written not only with the emotions recollected 
in tranquility but also with the portrayal of the&n

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Books by S. ROSHINI

It is a fantastic book in the name of Roshini's poems. 
Verses of a Rose. one or two were experiences of my 
own, the Verses of Rose which is the most beautiful 
verses of mine. Although my book is intended mainly for 
the entertainment of children, I hope it would be liked 
by others too. The plan has been to try to pleasantly to 
remind all the generations. In some cases, the writing of 
others h

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Creative Minds of John Dewey

Books by BRINDA D

This is an anthology brought out by the budding poets of 
John Dewey Matric Hr. Sec School, Panruti. This is the 
maiden attempt. Every child has poured out their 
thoughts, emotions and feelings in their own creative 
form of fine poetry. This anthology is a feast to the mind 
and soul. 
To tell a few fords about this book, all these poems are 
composed by the students on the spot during the poetr

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Books by BRINDA D

This book BLOSSOMS OF MELPATTAMPAKKAM An array of fragrant verses consists of 103 poems from students of 6TH to 10th std from Government High School, Melpattampakkam. Students are tuned to think on their own and write on their own creatively. Their creativity is channelized in a right manner. they have the ability to do so much. The student’s mind is triggered then and there. If a spark is lit up then they will shine on their own. Like that the spirit of

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Books by S. Priya

It is a fantastic book in the name of Priya's verses. It 
is a collection of hundred poems. This book contains 
small and cute poems. It is very easy to read and
understand. All are fantastic and meaningful poems. 
Once you read this book surely you will like this book 
very much.

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Books by Punitha

"REFLECTIONS" is a compilation of 50 poems that I 
wrote in 50 days based on my life's experiences and 
reflections. It aims to arouse readers' artistic 
sensibilities. All the poems are in simple language 
so that the readers could understand them easily. 
They are in various topics with various feelings. 
Real-life experiences are reflected precisely in the 
book. Also, I am an imaginative dreame

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Books by K. Meera

This is my first poetry book. Why poetry is 
important to life?
It is the best way to improve the literacy. It is 
used to express our emotions, aesthetic sense 
and inspires the people. Poetry touches our 
heart and mind. It connects with others who 
may be going through similar experiences. 
Writing poetry is because of Mrs. Brinda
Srinivas. She paves a way for me to write poems, 
not onl

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Books by Susi Jean. R

The life experiences of the writer has been 
beautifully captured in this book. Her happy and sad 
moments, her childhood and youthful days, her 
hobbies and passions, her success' and failures in 
life, everything is so wonderfully depicted through 
these poems. The readers should be able to connect 
to her character and her journey almost 
instantaneously and would be able to relate many of 

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Books by S. Sanmuga Buvan

It is a fantastic book in the name of ‘My cute 
and creative poems. After reading this book 
others will feel inspired. These poems are cute 
and short by a budding writer. All the poems
are very sweet.

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Books by Praveen Kumar. P

“Book of Hundreds” is a collection of 101 poems. All
these verses are outbreak of mighty emotions and
feelings. All the poems are scripted in simple
manner just because of every readers to understand
completely. Most of the verses are recorded in this
book really occurred; some were experiences of my
own & the rest were my own imagination. I hope
that some of my poem will inspire and loved by few


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Handful Imagination

Books by Renuka Santhanam

‘Handful Imaginations’ is a collection of 50 poems. 
It is very easy to read to young children. It is easy to 
understand the meaning of each word. All these 
verses are outbreak of the author’s imagination. I 
hope it will surely encourage, the readers’ minds to 
motivate others and give confidence to start 
writing poems. I am a beginner in writing poems. I 
have tried

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Books by V. Maha Lakshmi

“Believe yourself, you will get success”
In my book, I discuss both my experience and how 
they changed me. You’ll find stories and mementos 
that I hope will touch your heart. This book is for 
everyone who’s struggling to find their place in the 
world. After sharing my experiences with others 
through outreach efforts, I realized I could help 
others with my life story.


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Books by S. Devayani

It is a marvelous book. The name of the book is 'My life 
Journey'. It is filled with more surprises. How life is filled 
with more surprises, like that the verses brings a lot of 
miracles. After reading this book, you may learn how to 
handle our life situations. You would become a strong 
and brave person. It helps you to do a creative things.
While reading you would know the value of life and 

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Books by Dr. S. Kayalvizhi

‘Continental Poems’ is a collection of 78 poems 
remembering the Year of birth (1978) of the writer.
The words are the spontaneous overflow of the 
writer’s thoughts. The reader will surely understand 
the inner feelings of the writer through the simple 
usage of words. The student community will also 
enjoy the thought process of the writer. The words 
are the true reflection of the w

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Books by Santhi. C

Blooming buds is a collection of 100 poems. It is very 
easy to read to young children. It is easy to understand 
the meaning of each word. All these verses are 
outbreak of powerful emotions and feelings. Many 
real-life incidents are brought out in the subtle manner. 
I hope it will surely encourage, the young minds to 
motivate others and give confidence to write poems. I 
am a beginner to write

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Books by J H Aasiya

It is a fantastic book in the name of Aasiya’s poems -
Verses of a little heart. After reading this book one will 
feel inspired to write poem on your own. These poems 
are short and sweet written by the young poet. All the 
poems are poured out from her little heart. 
Reading a book is more interesting but reading a book 
written by a little author is much more interesting 
specially for children

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Words Can Speak

Books by Alice Gnana Thanga Pushpam

This cute little book contains a century of fascinating and exciting poems.Abudding poetess Mrs.Alice.G composed from her own thoughts. All poems are written for a topic on a daily basis by the guidance of Mrs .Brinda an Admirable Admin in Creative Writers group. Alice owes to her poems an incalculable debt.Her very simple, short and sweet poems can speak to all readers young and old alike, helping them to understand and respond to its message. All poems are s

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Books by S Abinaya

It is a fantastic book with 100 poems penned by a school going girl. It's filled with  miracles.How the life is filled with miracle like that poems are also full of miracles! 
After reading this book, you will surely be a strong person and it makes you do more things. They are short and sweet poems. It will make your mind to do innovative and creative things. This book is full of words, how life begins and ends. This book is interesting to read.<

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Books by Chetna Bhatia

In this book of 112 poems about life, the author takes you on a journey through the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the beauty and complexity of life. Through a very simple language, the poems explore themes of love, loss, joy, pain, hope, and everything in between.

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Books by B. Saradha Meena

She has her own YouTube channel where she has uploaded 
nearly 200 videos. She has uploaded teaching videos for 
classes 5 to 8. She has received 115 certificates from 
Secondary of School education department for contributing 
classroom videos, question paper, pdfs etc. which were 
uploaded in Tamilnadu Teacher's platform. She has 
uploaded GeoGebra files for Tamilnadu students in Diksha 

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Books by Brinda. D

This book contains 110 poems composed by Brinda. She has composed poems on varied themes. These poems were written on literary imaginations and expressions of emotions. They are rich in meaning and exposing the word skills of the poet. It would be very interesting to reach many readers. She owes a lot to the support to Creative Writers who motivated her and encouraged her.

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The Woman I Like

Books by Mrs. K. Meera

"The Women I like" is the book which helps the readers understand the feeling, courage, sacrifice. need, self-confidence, happiness, sorrow and dedication of a woman. This book will provide you the overview of her struggle and success. All are real life examples from the chapters within will show the reader that he or she may have finally living a successful life.

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Books by Brinda. D

A bouquet of colourful emotions is a thoughtful poetic venture. It contains poems composed by 62 poets on various topics. All the poems are in English.All the poets are from Creative writers whatsApp group. They started composing poems  and post poems on daily basis. This book Bouquet of colourful emotions will surely bring fragrance and bright light and wipes out  darkness gives freshness to the readers mind. Every poet's photo and a short bio line

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