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Ebru Çağlayan Akay is a Professor of Econometrics at Marmara University in İstanbul, Turkey. Her major research interests are applied micro econometrics, nonparametric econometrics and panel data econometrics. She has published over 50 academic papers and authored over 10 books. Özge Korkmaz is an Assistant of Professor at Bayburt University in Bayburt, Turkey. She obtained her master’s degree in Econometrics from Dokuz Eylul University in İzmir, Turkey and her PhD from Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon, Turkey. Her major research interests are applied macro econometrics, financRead More...


Up to Date

Books by Tong, Stephanie Tom / Van Der Heide, Brandon

In Up to Date, Tong and Van Der Heide explore the spicy, unsettling—and sometimes just exhausting—universe of online romance. As dating platforms like Bumble, Tinder, and Grindr proliferate, scholars have had to stretch their understandings of how courtship works, often arriving at fascinatingly counterintuitive theories about how twenty-first century daters shape online identities, select mates, mediate conflict, and maintain or terminate romantic relatio

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Manufacturing Indianness

Books by Sinha Roy, Ishita

Manufacturing Indianness takes an interdisciplinary approach in deconstructing nation-branding exercises in neoliberal India, utilizing the fetish as a critical device to demonstrate how postcolonial nation-building can become colonizing. Using interviews with media-makers and nation-branding professionals, postcolonial theory, media and cultural studies, psychoanalytic theories, political economy approaches, affective theory, cultural geography, and branding

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Health News and Responsibility

Books by Major, Lesa Hatley / Jankowski, Stacie Meihaus

Who the public blames for health problems determines who the public believes is responsible for solving those health problems. Health policies targeting the broader public are the most effective way to improve health. The research approach described in this book will increase public support for critical health policies. The authors systematically organized and analyzed 25 years of thematic and episodic framing research in health news to create an approach to r

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The Art of Tifo

Books by Kassing, Jeffrey W. / Meân, Lindsey J.

Tifo refers to the artistic renderings that supporters at football/soccer matches perform. This can involve large banners, coordinated mosaic displays, and pyrotechnics. Originating in Europe, the tradition has spread across the world and to other sports. Tifos vary in size, content, and execution, but all emerge from the desire supporters have for signaling and displaying their collective community, specific identities, and extensive devotion to their clubs.

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Child Protection Social Workers and Asylum-Seeking Families in Ireland

Books by Dalikeni, Colletta

The issue of migration and asylum seeking has received increasing attention in the wider arena of international human rights and social service provision practice. Positioned within a liberal understanding of human rights and equality framework, providing asylum seekers with sanctuary is understood as an act of adhering to supranational and international humanitarian obligations. The issues generated by the culturally influenced needs of some asylum seekers ha

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Stalin’s Soviet Monastery

Books by Curtis, Jim

In Stalin’s Soviet Monastery Russian scholar Jim Curtis integrates innovative work in linguistics, anthropology, and media theory to develop a holistic analysis of Russian society that includes a theoretically based rationale for ignoring ideology in favor of cultural dynamics. While the young Iosif Djugashvili, later known as Joseph Stalin, was studying to be a priest in an Orthodox seminary, he took on the role that defined his political career, that of a

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Somalis in the Neo-South

Books by Crosby, Dorian Brown

As demographics change and the southern American region grows more multicultural, clashes between mentalities and contemporary population realties increase. Somalis in the Neo-South: African Immigration, Politics and Race offers a balanced and insightful look at Somalis in the southern United States. Politically centered, it is a thought-provoking book that presents an essential and positive alternative to the familiar portrayal of Somalis in the United States

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New Normal and New Rules in International Trade, Economics and Marketing

Books by AYHAN, Fatih / Darici, Burak / CHIU, Candy Lim

The coronavirus epidemic, which swept the whole world at the beginning of 2020 andturned into a widespread pandemic, has caused an important economic and social crisis.Governments and policy makers have tried to keep business life afloat with financialincentives and supports, government aids to combat the epidemic. The habits of doingbusiness with remote working, flexible working, social media and internet use and onlinesystems have been heavily used. After th

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New Media, Communication, and Society

Books by Allison, Mary Ann / Casey, Cheryl A.

New Media, Communication, and Society is a fast, straightforward examination of key topics which will be useful and engaging for both students and professors. It connects students to wide-ranging resources and challenges them to develop their own opinions. Moreover, it encourages students to develop media literacy so they can speak up and  make a difference in the world. Short chapters with lots of illustrations encourage reading and provide a springboard

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Selected Topics in Applied Econometrics

Books by Çağlayan Akay, Ebru / Korkmaz, Özge

This book aims to bring together studies using different data types (panel data, cross-sectional data and time series data) and different methods (for example, panel regression, nonlinear time series, chaos approach, deep learning, machine learning techniques among others) and to create a source for those interested in these topics and methods by addressing some selected applied econometrics topics which have been developed in recent years. It creates a common

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