Parag Pendharkar

Parag Pendharkar works as Director of Quality Assurance for CAD Software. He has also worked as an Automobile designer prior to his current Job. Parag likes to indulge in creative activities such as painting and photography. He is associated with recreational marathon runners in Pune. He is yet to realize the dream of running an Ultra Marathon. Parag feels that adventure is a vital ingredient that adds spice to a dull aimless life. He has lost more than 10 friends to various climbing/ adventure accidents and he felt indebted to write a book. His book is for the common men, who yearn to escape the warped view of success. He feels that, this may help an average individual to introspect and appreciate smaller successes that makes him/her stand apart from a rat race. It is to motivate individuals set personal challenges or seek alternative growth path, when they hit a mental block.

Where The Voice Is Not Heard

Books by Parag Pendharkar

In the midst of the humid Mumbai night of Diwali festival, a chill ran down his spine. In his mind Raju rolled over the message again and again. The caller had frequently gasped for breath. “Accident on Mount Tinchen Khang. Heli support needed. Three injured, One dead.” The call had pleaded for immediate action. It was a matter of life and death of close friends. He quickly dressed up and called the committee. It is usual for a mountaineer to respond to critical situations. The change from the city businessman to the Mountaineer in him would have astounded the fan circle of Mr Indy Jones. Raju packed his gear and rushed for the airport. On the way, he messaged out to friends in Pune. He had to reach Bagdogra and rush to Yuksom, Sikkim. The rest of the seniors in the club were brooding on the way to handle the situation. The club had to plan for an immediate rescue operation and access the overall impact. Further, the news had to be broken down to verifiable facts and conveyed to the bereaved. Who had died? Who was breathing his last? What was the situation with the rest of the team? Avalanched?

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