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I am Writer with passion.
I am Writer with passion.


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Books by सौरव सेनगुप्ता

यह पुस्तक एक ऐसे बच्चे के बारे में है, जो अपने परिवार, अपने आसपास के वातावरण, इस राजनीतिक व्यवस्था से धोखा खाकर एक अलग व्यक्ति बन गया। इस पुस्तक में, एक आदमी कुछ लोगों को मारता है और

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Krishna The Saviour

Books by Saurav Sengupta

According to the situation, I used Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Slokas in this book. The Mahabharata character depicted here is the character of the current individual. It demonstrates how modern people are related to Mahabharata characters.

This book is about a man who changed because of his family, surroundings, and the political system's pressure.

In this book, a man murders several people, and his statement to the police is surprising. His mention

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