Sacred Revenge : Violence + Noble Cause = Non-violence

Books by Manish Pandit 'kashyap'

At distance, while in the middle of the exchange of deadly blows, Nagbhatt stole glance at Rajdevi. For a moment, his heart quavered. However, seeing Rajdevi taking on Kapaliks with her sword he felt enthused with a renewed vigor. 

Though initially taken aback with Rajdevi’s devastating and aggressive break-out, Kapaliks were after all Kapaliks. They were not to give way to a woman. On the other hand, Rajdevi, no matter how belligerent she w

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सेक्रेड रिवेंज : धर्म हिंसा तथैव चः

Books by मनीष पंडित 'काश्यप'

दूर, प्राणघातक घात-प्रतिघातों के बीच नागभट्ट ने राजदेवी की ओर दृष्टि डाली। एक क्षण के लिये उसका हृदय काँप उठा। परंतु राजदेवी को तलवार हाथ में लिये कापालिको को ललकारता देख नागभट

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By MANISH in Mythology | Reads: 566 | Likes: 1

The bath-tub had been filled up to few inches below the brim with milk and rose-petals. Best of the ornaments from Rajdevi’s collection had been handpicked. The finest saris made of Chinese silk had been picked and now were hanging from the gloved hands of a retinue of handmaidens for Rajevi&r  Read More...

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