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Artist - Musician - Healer
Artist - Musician - Healer

Alakh, like his name, is prime, is divisible by very few things—one and himself. He has traded and become the master of many trades—poetry, secret languages of morse and music, songwriting, photography and filmmaking, businesses, meditation and healing. To say he excels in them is meaningless because he is not the seeker of competence, he is not even wooing excellence. He is simply married to his infatuations. Like rays of sunlight upon a magnifying glass, they seem to converge on the burning vision of truth. For him, poetry was born to be clothed in words and be bare in feeling. FRead More...


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Man-made laws and beliefs have taken a nosedive. Our thinking process has turned chaotic, which is drifting us away from our instinctive exuberance. Man is moving away from nature.

Have you seen two pigeons smiling and posing for a photo-op with a wedding garland? Perhaps not. It’s natural to be in loving relationships. It’s unnatural to get entangled in the rituals of marriage. It is natural to eat healthy raw food, whereas it is unnatural

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