The author is a person with an exemplary vision of varied and intriguing dynamics of relationships that people share with each other. She believes that every one has that mystic world within us that is kept hidden away from the outer world. But we visit this inner world repeatedly throughout our lives to gauge the degree of inner peace, happiness and satisfaction achieved or missed by us. She has tried to bring out the same in the most mystical, yet simple, manner to connect with the readers with these emotions on several levels. Her struggle throughout her life to explore the core meaning of love – at physical, emotional and spiritual level – has led her to put down the experiences as poems. She has always been a communicative person, who has liked to express, share and explain the exchange of ideas, feelings, dreams, desires, hopes and struggles. She believes that this is what makes us more humane by nature. She enjoys writing poems and takes it as a medium to convert the lessons learnt in life into expressions constructed in a poetic manner. With this approach, she has been able to bring out the innermost figment of an emotion, lying unexpressed for so long, to the surface level in a most honest way. Read More...


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The book is a collection of poetry in Hindi, which depicts the search of an identity in life through the inner self – by evaluating of love, affection, pain, separation and various shades of life and acknowledging the ever-changing nature of it. All the poems are insights of the author as a silent and neutral observer of the evolving phenomena of life’s emotions. All the poems are moments captured in the eternal bliss of a non-static life.

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