Aastha Mehndirata

Aastha Mehndirata is a vivacious fourteen-year-old who lives with her parents and brother in Delhi NCR. She has a profound love for poetry, and from the age of 11, has actively enjoyed writing poems for her own satisfaction. Pinkies Don’t Promise inaugurates her journey as an author and a poet, allowing her to share her feelings with the world. She has compiled her life’s experiences and lessons in this set of poems to help spread awareness of issues that are faced by teenagers on a daily basis. She hopes they will read and understand that they are not alone in what they face now.Read More...


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Pinkies Don’t Promise

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Sometimes teenagers feel they are the only ones who are going through issues, but they aren’t the only ones. Even though their lives have just begun, and they have a long way to go, they try to stay on the right track and ignore the problems they undergo.

Pinkies Don’t Promise is a collection of poems centred around the obstacles teenagers face in their daily lives. Their very own emotions set in rhyme so real that they can relate to every

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Stop the Rickshaw

By Aastha Mehndirata in Poetry | Reads: 314 | Likes: 1

As I settled in a half-painted, rusted rickshaw, And sat on the torn black seat,  I told the rickshaw driver where to go, And he nodded his head.    When I was halfway there,  I asked the rickshaw diver, “Why are you driving so slowly” in my fluent Hindi, He remarked   Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 06:41 PM

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