Abilash Chandran

Abilash Chandran likes to write stories about India in a fictional setting and use concepts that define India in an imaginary world. He has co-authored a book, RISE OF VIDHIPUTRA, in the year 2013. He has close to ten years of experience in software industry. He works as a Project Lead in a leading Telecommunication Company in Bangalore.    You can find Abilash Chandran on LinkedIn and Twitter.Read More...


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Deception Games

Books by Abilash Chandran

In a world ruled by supernatural beings, three powerful empires emerged with different ideologies. The equation of the existence of beings in this new world was based upon the abilities one had or did not have. Amidst it all, the life of two siblings unfurl, revealing little-known secrets that could challenge the ideology of dominant empires. Caught between war and machinations of different empires, the Crown Twins discover life, love, and secrets while drivin

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Assurto Christie & Rise of Vidhiputra

Books by Abilash Chandran And Supratick Basu

It was a period rife with chaos and destruction, and the whole world moved directionless, towards a definite path of selfannihilation. 

In these hours of distress, when the guardians of the great emperor were on the verge of disintegration and the power hungry fought for absolute control, there came a sliver of hope in the form of two brothers, an ancient prophecy, and
a simple adventure trail, which turned into a quest that could alter the fat

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