Ajay Jajoo

The author currently resides in Bangalore but hails from Nagpur in Maharashtra, recognized as the Tiger Capital of the World. A dedicated wildlife enthusiast and photographer, the author's fervour for tigers and nature motivated visits to numerous tiger reserves across India, accompanied by a group of like-minded wildlife enthusiasts. Throughout these journeys, the author acquired insights from firsthand experiences and the literature consumed, delving into the intricacies of tiger behaviour, history, and their existing presence in the wild.His curiosity has been notably piqued by the Tigers oRead More...


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Tiger - A Majestic Creature

Books by Ajay Jajoo

The book encompasses comprehensive information about Tigers, covering their origins, historical background, and the perilous threat of extinction due to hunting and poaching, followed by dedicated conservation efforts and the subsequent positive outcomes. Delving into the wild, it explores the dominant nature of Tigers, examining their natural instincts, social dynamics, parental behaviour, communication skills, hunting techniques, preferred prey, and their in

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