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Akshaya V. Kawle

Ms Akshaya Vikas Kawle is a professional Nature and Animal Communicator and hails from Mumbai, India.

She has eleven years of experience as a corporate training consultant and has several other certifications in both human and animal communication, as well as several other healing modalities.

She is also a facilitator for individuals willing to relearn this beautiful language long forgotten with time.

A loving daughter, a doting wife, pet mom to  several animals, and an incredible mentor to hundreds of students across the globe, Akshaya Kawle has now compiled her knowledge into this bundle of a book that is all yours to absorb and learn from.


ॲनिमल कम्युनिकेशन

Books by अक्षया वि. कवळे

ॲनिमल कम्युनिकेशन ही मानवाला लाभलेली निसर्गदत्त देणगी आहे. टेलिपॅथिक ॲनिमल कम्युनिकेशन बद्दल तुम्हाला पडलेल्या अनेक प्रश्नाची उत्तरं या पुस्तका मध्ये मिळेतील. या पुस

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Animal Communication Made Easy

Books by Akshaya V. Kawle

Have you ever wondered what our animals, at home and outside, think about? Have you been curious to have two-way conversations with them, and listen to them? Then this booklet will definitely help you.

Animal Communication Made Easy is a booklet to guide the readers into kick-starting their journey into Animal Communication. If you thought that this is a skill for only a gifted few, you're going to be pleasantly surprised. This booklet will guide

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Animal Communication

Books by Akshaya V. Kawle

Animal Communication is an innate ability we all have. This book helps the reader to reconnect with this ability. It speaks about talking to animals earth-bound and in spirit, understanding their behavioural and health issues, dealing with missing animal cases, grasping the core fundamentals of animal communication, and practical tips to encounter the journey ahead.

This book compels you to realign your thought process and think laterally

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