Indie Author Championship #6

Ami Bhat

A restless ball of energy and a compulsive Travel Planner & Photographer Ami Bhat is a marketing post-graduate by qualification who has turned into a full-time travel writer and blogger by passion. A travel enthusiast, who loves sports, photography and dancing with equal passion, Ami believes in planning a get-away for every long weekend that can come up through the year.  She began documenting her travels on her blog – to not just re-live her travel but also, to share information with other travelers seeking information about a destination. Over time, her blog rose iRead More...

When Places Come Alive

Books by Ami Bhat

“Drift with the winds to the place, where Midas turns everything to Gold” ­– the clue that set off Amy on a journey through Gold Coast.

“…. Death is but a new beginning. And you will see it for yourself. My end will bring a new life to not just me but these departed souls.” True to his promise, the old monk continues to return to the enigmatic valley of Bhutan.

“Hidden within it is the secret of our lost clan, who they say still re

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