Chanchal Singha Roy and Vineeta Hoon

Chanchal Singha Roy is a national-awardee teacher who has worked in the rural regions of the southern and northern Andaman Islands for over two decades. Driven by a passion for nature, he works on spreading awareness through educating students and coastal communities through his Coastal Green Zone initiative. Under his guidance, students won the national Wipro Earthian Award for 2018.

Vineeta Hoon is the founder and Managing Trustee of the Centre for Action Research on Environment Science and Society. She developed the Children’s Perception of the Environment program in 2004 and has been conducting teacher’s training programs to integrate marine examples into school education. The program encourages children to reflect on their experiences through creative works.

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Amjum Tales

Books by Chanchal Singha Roy & Vineeta Hoon

Summer means final exams and it also means that it’s time for the fruits to ripen. “When we see the birds in the forest, we know the fruits are ready..."  

Amjum is a fruit native to the Andaman Islands, an Indian territory located between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea approximately 1,200 kilometers east of India. Amjum has a sweet and sour taste and, for youth, is associated with summer holidays.

The stories and poems in

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