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Anandi Mehrotra


Anandi Mehrotra is a fifteen-year-old who started writing two years ago. In 2019, before the pandemic wrecked everyone’s lives, she was chosen to be one of the seven people to attend the greatest literature festival in the world-The Jaipur Literature Festival. That is when she glimpsed paradise – her paradise, which was filled with books and the greatest authors of all time. Seeing children her age getting their books launched at the festival fanned the spark that had long been burning inside her. She made up her mind to pursue her passion for writing and live her dream of getting launchedRead More...

Her Closest Strangers

Books by Anandi Mehrotra

“Maybe this was a ‘coincidence? I think not’ kind of scenario. Or a more likely case-the universe was just playing a cruel trick on me. And just like that, I was back in Nostalgia town, and looking around, I realized it was a ghost town. There was no one here and I was clawing at my chest, trying to get some air. I needed to escape. I needed to escape because the absolute desolation of this place was choking me. I was trying to find an exit, I was bangin

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