Anjali was born in USA to an academic family. She spent the initial years of her childhood in the states and then moved to India when she was 5. During her formative years, she was brought by her grandparents in Bhubaneswar, through whom she developed interests in writing, art and reading. As she grew up she decided to pursue a career in  fashion and design at Mumbai where she got to experience the city’s fresh vibrant pace. She personally believes that her tenure at Mumbai made her learn a lot be it from friends, roomies or even acquaintances.  The inspiration for this book comes from the many people whom she came across while travelling to work. The story is based on two such persons, who come across one another in one of the most happening cities.

 Currently she is based in California and works as a user experience designer and fashion professional. In her spare time Anjali likes to engage in activities like travelling, painting, photography, blogging and art. 



The green Saree

Books by S.Anjali

Amidst the frantic pace of “Mumbai” India’s New York, as many across the globe would put it , develops a camaraderie between two young aspiring professionals: Aditi and Akhil. Aditi, the young and pretty workaholic editor is at a position everyone strives to be at in their career; while Akhil is a vivacious youngster who wants to strike a balance between work and family duties. Both of these youngsters have a past; they have a lot to tell and share. Wi

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