Mr. Aritra Mondal

Aritra Mondal, born on April 25, 2005, in Barasat, West Bengal, India, is a budding scholar with a unique academic journey. Raised by Dr. T.K. Mondal (his father), a distinguished homeopathy doctor, Aritra's early ambition to follow in his father's medical footsteps shifted during his formative years. Completing his secondary education at St. Francis School, GUMA, in 2022, Aritra then embarked on his current academic pursuit in the science stream at Barasat Indira Gandhi Memorial High School, where he is currently enrolled in class 12. While Aritra initially aspired to become a doctor around tRead More...


Increasing Cyber Crimes In India

Books by Aritra Mondal

In the digital age, India finds itself grappling with a rapidly escalating threat — the surge of cyber crimes. As technology advances, so do the tactics of cybercriminals, leading to an unprecedented rise in malicious activities across the country. From identity theft to financial fraud, the specter of cybercrime looms large, posing a substantial risk to individuals, businesses, and the nation's overall security.

This alarming trend is fueled by the w

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