Arjun Raghavan and Pooja Jain

Arjun Raghavan is an emerging artist, author, poet, traveler, healer, IT consultant and project coordinator with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Mysore University. Pooja Jain is an assistant professor, artist, poet, traveler, apparel designer and content creator with a masters degree in Pharma from Gujarat University.Read More...


Arijuan's A Mug of an Ocean

Books by Arjun Raghavan And Jain Pooja Nemichand

The fools who thought the war's never over,

were the one's who never listened to the oceans.  

                                                                              -  Arijuan

There is life in every story, and every story, vast as the ocean. Arijuan’s have made a debut by giving the readers a mug of an ocean through these poems. A poetic sail depicting life and the mysteries offered all al

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