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Arjun Rao

A creator of luxury experiences and a writer of fiction.
A creator of luxury experiences and a writer of fiction.

Arjun Rao has been in the sports and entertainment business for almost 2 decades. Having been a fan of action and thriller novels, he has been an avid reader all his life and a big fan of the masters in these genres. Having dealt with people from all walks of life, people of differing backgrounds, cultures and mindsets, he decided to pick up his pen and write compelling fiction, with the benefit of his varied experiences.

In his own words about his first novel, “It’s about time we had a hard-hitting female protagonist. One that speaks her mind. One who is not ashamed of who she is, what she does and what she stands for. In our male-dominated action hero world, I hope to develop a female character that stands for all things good, righteous and just, despite her unique and unorthodox methods.”


MYLA: Insurrection

Books by Arjun Rao

Stunned, and struggling to come to terms with the baffling murder of her entire family, Agent Myla returns home to find proof that there is a lot more to the situation than meets the eye. Her years of training and experience as an elite covert operations specialist has alarm bells ringing in her head. 

As the bodies of family and friends continue to pile up,  Myla reacts in the only way she knows how, the only way she has been trained to - by

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