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Asheesh Seshadri is a practicing chartered accountant from Bengaluru. He spends most of his time thinking about life, philosophical matters, and innovative solutions for the problems faced by the people in our cities and country, for example, how to ease traffic congestion in Bengaluru, traffic safety to avoid accidents, how to solve the issue of drunken driving, solve the problems faced by old parents who have been sent old age homes so they can live happily for the rest of their lives, etc. He has a philanthropical urge to contribute something worthy to this planet before he leaves the EarthRead More...


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An Idea of Evergreen Revolution

Books by CA.Asheesh Seshadri

Are you wondering why our agriculture sector or industry is lagging behind more than it ought to have been till date in terms of growth and development and its contribution to our GDP despite the government’s plans, policies, initiatives, programs, schemes, research, efforts, assistance, etc.?

And also, why our farmers are in a distressed state continuously?

In this stunning book, CA.Asheesh Seshadri identifies the reasons for the above, sugges

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