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Ashok Sachdev

Ashok Sachdev is an electrical engineer dedicated to serving humanity. He specializes in the human aura, vastu, numerology, palmistry, dowsing, chakra healing and balancing, colour therapy, crystal healing, spiritual teaching, spiritual healing, earth healing, meditation and symbology. He helps and trains people to improve their lives. He believes that if the diagnosis is accurate, the solution is not an issue. He has invented several devices to harmonize the spaces where people live. Diagnosing the source and cause of a problem is his speciality. He achieves this with advanced techniques in Read More...

Pendulum Dowsing

Books by Ashok Sachdev

This book is about methods of pendulum dowsing and various techniques used to access the subconscious mind or your higher self. It helps to locate underground water, identify the problems in the human body and provide suitable solutions for healing. Understanding the real vibration of a person and the deficient frequencies provides a way to positive healing. Our mind is always at a crossroads while making decisions. Dowsing is a way of finding answers.

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