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Ashutosh Sharma

Ashutosh Sharma is an HR consultant with a love for teaching and training, a hospitality graduate by education, a psychometric professional by choice, a product of the cultures of Assam and Maharashtra, a voracious reader, and a reluctant writer. A film lover who will go watch movies again and again or go alone to empty theatres, Ashutosh read a lot of film scripts before deciding on the present offering. What started as a project for an ad for a screenwriters’ competition in the film weekly ‘Screen’ grew into a full-blown screenplay that got nods from a few quarters. This is his first sRead More...



Books by Ashutosh Sharma

An old school in the tea gardens of Assam is haunted. A routine visit of a group of anthropology research scholars triggers events that cannot be stopped. 

The new Principal and his assistant seem to be hiding something from the group. The group search frantically for clues as to what is causing this mayhem but discover vague details of a haunting, a death in the area, and with no means but fear and anger at their disposal (both of which are turning fu

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