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Avinash Bharwani


Avinash Bharwani. He is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Electronic Music Fiend and loves adventure.  A graduate from the University of Mumbai, he hails from a business family with interest in I.T. & Education. He loves challenges. When he is not working on his business, he is busy exploring different life dimensions. Through research and experimentation, he uncover new ways to live a more meaning full life. He believes that Bio-hacking, Neuroscience, Mind-Body Integration, and Spirituality will unlock the next frontiers of human evolution.Read More...

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"The years may change, but the days may not. A feeling lives between the have and have nots. Ready to be who you are or not? Live life your way or regret a lot."

2020 has been crazy, and 2021 inherits it. Everyone hoped a miracle, but the new year has a new friend- The New Normal. Day after day- Time seems to slip by, and we tend to do the same things repeatedly without much thought. And even with the slightest idea, the opportunities around us seem to

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