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Born and grown up in a rural environment, Basappanavar comes from a middle-class agriculturist-family. As a boy of four years, he still recollects, as green memory, of having escaped by a whisker’s distance, chased by a striped lady – a tigress nurturing her cubs in his father’s sugarcane fields.  He was lucky to have been born at a time, when tiger, the most elusive, magnificent and graceful predator on earth, could still be encountered around his village. As a shutterbug, he trekked among others, Himalayan mountains, valleys and wildlands, endowed with a wide variety of flora and faunRead More...


Books by Dr. C.H. Basappanavar

Why elephant is known as, “The Lady Boss”? The Indian elephant Elephas maximus, the matriarchal society is led by the wisest and eldest female of the family/herd. Here, the matriarch is the boss. Being hub of the family, she not only performs the usual maternal tasks, but also protects the family with extreme efficiency from poten­tial enemies, apart from guiding the family to safety in times of crises. The matriarch keeps male suitors at a trunk’s dist

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Books by Dr.C.H. Basappanavar

Have you ever touched the whiskers of a wild tiger? Here is a man, who had an appointment with a striped lady, the tigress along with cubs at her heels, spending breathtaking time over the entire moonlit night! It was as though he had an affair with the tigress; according to him, there was neither sin nor shame! Read, how secret telepathic conversations between the man and the striped lady went on through the night. The presentation in the book is woven around

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