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Brij Kaul is a born poet and a prolific engrossing prose writer. His lucid, pithy style is intense, compelling the reader to finish the book at a go. A Glass Expert by profession and a writer by choice, Mr Brij Kaul has been writing from a very young age. Hardworking and dedicated, he has made success of both of these diametrically opposite fields. He wrote his first poem when he was only twelve years old. He is a man of positive thinking with lofty, poetic imagination, but is also down to earth and very practical in making things happen. He also writes blogs on various topics that have earnedRead More...


Books by BRIJ KAUL

‘Amidst The Chinar Trees’ is Brij Kaul’s third book which is a collection of his poems portraying love, romance and appreciation of beauty in all forms.

The poems highlight the poet’s passion towards one and all, keeping nature uppermost in his mind. The collection also includes the 1st Prize-winning poem ‘I LOVE TO LIOTER’ at the Siwo International Poetry Contest held on 19th February 2019.

The poems express t

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Cascade of Love

Books by Brij Kaul

The book on poems essentially radiates the brilliance of thoughts resonating in a cascading manner.

The poems reflect poet’s emotions passion of love towards all, beloved, wife, children and the Nature overall.

A collection of poems you would walk through day and night following the metaphor, rhyme, rhythm, to the resilience of your wavered thoughts culminating into inner peace.

The poetry lovers taste the musical splendor in its lucid pith

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Straight from the Heart

Books by BRIJ KAUL

The book caters to audiences with varied interests. A flashback of memories, moments, and long-standing experiences weave a compelling, earthy narration.

The articles, though disparate, are easy flowing and music to the ear and mind.

Some are based on poetry that speak of passion and love; some are random political narrations based on world events; some about Kashmir, a heavenly abode.

A book you would love to walk through in its lucid, pithy

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